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What is W.A.R.D.?    
W.A.R.D. (Witches Against Religious Discrimination) is an organization advocating the rights of Witches and Pagans as a religious minority. W.A.R.D. combats bigotry, religious discrimination, and harassment of practitioners of Witchcraft and Paganism in a non-disruptive manner. As such, we actively work to educate the public and provide a greater understanding of what Witchcraft is. We deal with discrimination cases, promote non-violence, and provide assistance to Witches and Pagans in need.   Because some of the cases W.A.R.D. deals with need individual attention that cannot be provided by a national organization, W.A.R.D. has created chapters for each state. The Director of each chapter is the necessary bridge between the local situation and W.A.R.D.

The Louisiana Chapter is dedicated to furthering the goals of W.A.R.D. within the state by assisting with discrimination cases, providing information about Paganism in general and W.A.R.D. in particular, and connecting Pagans by posting networking opportunities.

Discrimination: What is It, Where is It, and
How Do You Deal With It?

From one-on-one confrontations to handling corporations, discrimination issues can be confusing and difficult to handle. This section guides victims through the tricky questions.

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When faced with being Pagan in a non-Pagan world many of us feel distanced from a sense of support and unity, especially during times of crisis. Here are a few opportunities in Louisiana to meet other local Pagans.
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An e-list has been created to further the goals of W.A.R.D. within Louisiana. Any Louisiana W.A.R.D. members are asked to join this list so that issues may be dealt with both effectively and efficiently.

This list is located at Louisiana_WARD@yahoogroups.com .